Patre Pigeons - Denekamp


The availability of youngsters from my breeding pigeons for the season 2024 you will find below
  1and ronde 2and ronde 3and ronde 4and ronde
couple date :        
1e they gelegd :        
couple 1
Georg Agnes x Georg Agnes
couple 2
Laenen / v.d. Bulck x Karel Laenen
couple 3
Gebr. Herbots x Laenen / v.d. Bulck
couple 4
Leo Heremans x Gebr. Leideman x Roeper
couple 5
v.d. Bulck / Laenen x Georg Agnes
couple 6
Karel Laenen x Laenen x Heremans
couple 7
Spiker / Leideman x Gebr. Leideman
couple 8
Dirk v.d. Bulck x Gebr. v.d. Fires
couple 9
Dirk v.d. Bulck x Dick v.d. Bulck
couple 10
Dirk v.d. Bulck x Dirk v.d. Bulck
couple 11
Dirk v.d. Bulck x Dirk v.d. Bulck
couple 12
Dirk v.d. Bulck x Lambrechts x v.d. Bulck